About Us

About us

Since 2000, Campus California has been dedicated to helping those most affected by global climate change and poverty in the US and abroad. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that collects and recycles used clothing and shoes to protect the environment and support sustainable development work across the globe.


At this time our largest and most known program is the second-hand clothing collection in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area in California. Our green colored drop-off boxes have become the hallmark of textile recycling in our neighborhoods; in many cities they are the most readily available (or even the sole) environmentally responsible option for people to dispose of their unwanted clothing and shoes.



Our clothing collection boxes help save resources and lessen environmental impacts by reducing waste. The benefit of our boxes goes beyond the enviromental one, the proceeds generated by the sale of used clothing  benefit three organizations that engage in sustainable development work in the US, Africa, Central and South America.These organizations run programs aimed at mobilizing and supporting communities to take up the fight against poverty. (Read more about them at www.campus-california.org/supportedprograms


Campus California’s mission is to fight worldwide poverty, to empower ordinary people to do the same, to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future for all. Campus California recognizes that the earth’s resources are finite and that preserving these resources is crucial to the well being of future generations.


You can read our 2013 annual report here