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Tree Planting Initiative Makes for Greener Streets

(Oakland, CA) Do you live in Oakland? Would you like to have a tree planted in front of your house? Are you willing to care for this tree for the next couple of years? It’s simple, just send an application form ( ) to the city and… Well, in fact its’ not so simple… Economy is bad, money is scarce, the city (for now) cannot afford to buy trees and pay workers to plant them. Luckily there is some help on the way! For some weeks now almost every Saturday a group of volunteers gathers under the leadership of Arthur Boone from the Bay Area Chapter of The Sierra Club. “Trees for West Oakland” is supported by city council members, a bunch of public agencies and neighborhood groups, but most importantly by many volunteers who show up on Saturday mornings to hit the streets with picks and shovels and plant the trees in front of other people’s houses. CCTG volunteers have been a part of this effort too and learned a lot of valuable skills, as well as seen and experienced that a community can do a lot to improve its own living conditions when people are mobilized. It is an essential part of the work of a Development instructor in Africa and Central America to mobilize people, to help them realize their own potential for their own benefit.

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