One World Center - Massachusetts

One World Center - Massachusetts

One World Center – Massachusetts’s campus is located on 300 acres of forest land in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. Here people come together from all over the world to dig into the big issues of our time and to expand our knowledge so we can take action for a better world.


Two Issues gain particular attention at OWC MA. One issue is the growing gap between rich and poor and how structural violence plunge more and more people into poverty every day, while large corporations gather record profits. 

The other issue is the mounting consequences of man-made global warming and climate change, which along with the end of fossil fuel will change our lives dramatically in the coming decades and possibly threaten our very survival.


OWC Massachusetts builds cooperation and comradeship across cultures, languages and borders and challenge themselves and its volunteers to think and act outside the box.


Each year 7 international teams of Volunteers/Development Instructors travel to Africa and Brazil to work shoulder to shoulder with the Poor and create sustainable development.

Campus California is proud to support OWC Massachusetts efforts and we are grateful for your support.
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