One World Center - Michigan

One World Center - Michigan

At One World Center, Michigan Campus, people from all over the world come together to fight global poverty. The campus is located in America's heartland surrounded by peaceful woods, lakes and small farms.


Whether working in the organic garden, making delicious healthy meals in the kitchen or participating in a class project, One World Center volunteers stretch their minds in order to create a more just and sustainable world.


OWC Michigan offers a program where you will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, economic opportunity and even-whether they live or die.


At OWC Michigan the volunteers live in a communal environment where everyone works together to live, learn and serve The Poor.


One World Center, Michigan sends international teams to Mozambique and Malawi four times a year. 


Campus California is proud to support OWC Michigan efforts and we are grateful for you support.

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