Supported Programs

Supported Programs

Our source of strength 


Campus California cannot meet its purposes alone. We depend on the millions of people that support us, year after year, through hosting a collection box, donating clothing or simply getting involved.  Our supported programs are a very important foundation towards reaching the goals set in our mission statement.

From the funds raised via our clothes collection program, Campus California is able to provide grants to three other non-profit organizations with programs aimed at mobilizing and supporting communities to take up the fight against poverty. Programs like “Fighting With The Poor” – an 18 months long activist program focused on gaining thorough first hand understanding of the causes and effects of poverty and taking concrete actions in the USA and abroad in a developing nation.    

Install a new bore hole and a pump so clean water is secured in a village. Establish a school garden to provide a nutritious meal for the children. Help a family secure a small-scale loan so they can start planting. Hold a course for women about hygiene. Build a new latrine. Mobilize five more girls to go to school. Teach HIV-positive people about the “rules of survival”. Educate primary school teachers for rural areas. The list is long, but anybody can take part. Each event is a small victory in the fight against poverty. Combined and over time, they have an impact. The people who are part of the development work develop themselves in the process as well and build their capacity to do more. So the good examples spread. Development can only be created through a collective effort. 

Our partners offer different programs for people who want to actively take part in the fight against poverty. These programs are making a real difference in the lives of people living in poverty in the USA and abroad.